How I Got Hooked Playing Kendama As an Adult

I have seen fidget spinners, hackey sacks, wheelie shoes and other stuff that kids get into that some adults do too. I have even seen a jacket that lets you be a percussion section just by hitting yourself. Weird, but these things exist. Anyway, I kind of got hooked on playing Kendama. It is a ball and stick game where the ball is on a string and the stick has cups and a spike. The ball has a hole in it to catch it on the spike. The ball can also land in the cups. However, Sweets Kendamas (Painted Kendamas) is not that easy to play. You have to practice a lot to get any good at it.

It is kind of like a dance form and acrobatic trick at the same time. I thought I could easily do it when I first picked up the Kendama. However, I learned that it is a lot tougher to do than it looks. Then it is exponentially more difficult to look cool while making the Kendama moves. That is where the art form of it comes in. There are competitions and all kinds of luxury Kendamas out there. You can get them painted in all kinds of colors. There are big ones that are just gigantic, and there are these really tiny ones too. None of them are easy to master.

Sure, you can land the ball on the spike or get it in the cup occasionally as an amateur, but to do it consistently like it is part of a dance or routine is tough. It can be played by anyone who can move their arms and hands. If you can do some fancy footwork, it even looks more cool in playing Kendama. I got hooked by just messing around with one for a few minutes.