Teach Children Environmental Education

As awareness is raised in the area of green living and organic gardening, many are realizing the importance of caring for the earth around us. In addition, it has become completely apparent that it is impossible to think that a handful of people can reverse centuries of neglect and abuse of our planet. One major goal of our society today should be to provide quality education to children and stress the importance of continuing this green living priority in the next generation.

As a parent, it can be difficult to find ways to introduce these environmental topics to youth in everyday life. Even with the vast resources of the internet and print media, getting children to actively participate and want to engage themselves in matters relating to saving the planet can be a challenge. While setting an example for kids to follow is a key component to environmental education, introducing literature that uses fantasy characters to teach the same lessons will give your children added exposure. In addition, many teachers and parents have found that young adults will be much more passionate about topics that they associate with a loveable character or with a favorite story.

Because of this, there has been a rise of recent print and e-book releases specifically written in a way that connects young readers to Mother Nature. The authors of these stories use their literary gifts to hold the attention of young adult readers as well as capture the hearts of children. By incorporating characters and elements such as talking flowers and by giving emotion to the whimsy inhabitants of forests, gardens, and other natural habitats, they teach children a valuable lesson on caring for plants, the environment, and for our Earth in general.

The target audience for many of these stories are children ages 6-12. This truly reaches youth at an age that many other initiatives of the past seemed to miss. This is also said to be a critical time in life for instilling a solid foundation of good habits and practices in kids. Whether read aloud to a young reader or read alone by those more advanced, parents and children alike will love the way that fantasy and adventure are entwined so eloquently in these stories.

Environmental protection is our responsibility and we must take it seriously. By educating ourselves, our neighbors, and our children about its importance, we are taking a huge step to sustaining our planet and making a difference for the future.

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